Under Pressure: A Haiku


"Honey, you’re looking

(oh, say thin be thin, say thin)

a little tired.”



It was quiet.

I opened my eyes against yellow sheets, fingers stretching up and open. My thumb found a shoulder and turned away.

It was like rebirth and dying all at once. I opened my eyes to your bedroom and felt my sister’s life fall down around me. Her wedding shattered to the floor as my…

et ducit mundum per luce: a haiku


I just spent two hours 

reading a dead girl’s tumblr.

Where are we going? 

"I think about all the women I see walking. I think about how I stare at the hollows in my jaw after I’ve been sick. I’m a week of Nyquil and cold tablets away from another dip in my hipbones. We are always burning, trying to rid ourselves of what we put inside to make us strong. Are we cornered into striving? Raised in a mindset of constant improvement? Trapped into being a “work in progress” because it’s weakness to accept yourself in your current state? Settling is for the weak, someone told me. Settling is for those without will. It’s weakness to ask for seconds. I think about the women walking after lunch. I never see men, except maybe the occasional runner. How often does a man wait for his meal to digest - a perfectly proportioned ratio of carbs, protein, and those damned fats that more closely resemble a snack - then reach down under his desk for his tennis shoes? How often does a man think, “I shouldn’t eat that?” How often does a man call it “cheating” when he eats a brownie? I think about the women walking and I think about my future daughter."
– Grace Hayes, Women Walking (via the-leap)

The early 20’s: a haiku


My checking account

is in the single digits

but my heart is full.